If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk?

Widggie Desktop
It's the Widggiest!
| 1024x768 | 1280x854 | 1280x1024 |1680x1050 |

If you need a different resolution version
Please do not hesitate to contact The Chef
We are sure he has a size to suit your needs.

Mercury Lens Desktop
with iTune Dock (see lower left, also preview)
1024x768 ( Download)

Desktop in Action
Studio Mod on iTunes and a few other extras
 Lrg. in action preview in ( OS 9.1  ) and (  OS X  )


Mercury Lens Desktop  2
...in case the 'Mandala' is too busy for you!
1024x768 (  Download  )

Siamese Desktop
...has a calming effect on the desktop
1024x768 (  Download  )


Mercury XLens Desktop
...'clearly' X is getting better
iTunes Dock and Hard Drive Bay have been
resized and moved to accomodate OS X's
drawing scale of iTunes and HD default positions.
1024x768 (  Download  )

Tranquility Base
If you have been following the development of the
Luna Theme by CRasH then you know what this is for.
In order for me to have a good look at it I had to give
it something appropriate to land on.
1024x768 (  Download)