Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

We know there has not been much visible activity at the site lately
but we sure have been very busy behind the scenes rebuilding the lab.

Know that the Chemists at Eye9 are in the new laboratory day and night
hard at work on the new series of Dr. Erlenmeyer's Laboratory Icons.

We will keep you posted on what the maniacs come up with as each part of the project is completed
and when the results will be available but for now , enjoy this first teaser set.

- The first in the series of Dr. Erlenmeyer's Laboratory Icons-
Don't let this first teaser set fool you. Sure they may look like just some more beautifully colored hollow glassware spheres but they are only the beginning, as said, the point of departure. Read the enclosed Read_Me for the details. Toss a set on your desktop before they are blown up too.


- iPuddles for your iPod -
We noticed after sending off the 'legit' set of MercuryLensX ikes to the one and only Pixelpaloosa that there where a few little spectral pools under the table. When asked, Dr. Maynard said that he had accidentally added the wrong ingredients to a batch and these iPuddles precipitated out.
They have different colored screens and they work for the 5 or 10 GB iPod. Go get'em.


- MercuryLensX Icons Set Folder Icon -
After the the Chef and all the Chemists left the Eye9 Lab we were cleaning up and found a Petri Dish that had been left in the Autoclave. We pulled it out and on inspection there was an icon still in it.  We rushed it to the Head of R&D and he told us it was the icon for the entire MercuryLenX Icon Set.  Man, that was close it could have been thrown away.  Grab it up now and store all 100 icons in it.


- MercuryLensX Icons  Folder One -
We have been working on the appearance theme for OS X but are not satisfied with the current look. Many folks have seen the preview icons and asked if it was possible to snag a few of them.
We thought about it...  "What the Heck, let's pour them out and let people play with 'em."
If you grabbed up the MercuryLensX Icon Folder we sent to ResExcellence, then you have this one.


- MercuryLensX Icons  Folder Two -
You may already have Folder One from ResEx but the experiment is not yet over. There are four additional folders flowing with eighty more quicksilver beauties. It's hard to imagine isn't it?
Well stop dreaming, have a quick glimpse and then get them for yourself
Five folders each filled with twenty glistening globules to coat you Mac desk top


- MercuryLensX Icons  Folder Three -
Dip into the spectral highlight of the third pool of icons and coat your cursor with Alert, Search, Speakable Items, ColorSync, Script, and a dozen or so other puddles of digital matter.
Should we describe all the different folders the Eye9 scientists recombined...? No... it's best to let you see the shocking mutations for yourself and then decide if you want them loose on your desktop. 


- MercuryLensX Icons  Folder Four -
- Finally, mercury that's safe to handle... we think. -
It may be safe to handle but what were those lunatic lab technicians up to in the third experiment? They didn't even know what to call some of those... What... Huh?  Well they did much better in this the fourth part of the experiment. You doubt? Well have a look then or close your eyes and swallow


- MercuryLensX Icons  Folder Five -
When the incubator opened on the fifth generation clones, out flowed these daughter cells. The results of blending Appearance Themes, more Pictures, more Music, Zip Disks,
assorted desktop Trash, and... No... Not that... a ResEx Folder. We suggest a thick Erlenmeyer flask for *safe viewing and a tight fitting stopper if you keep them, as with all forms of mercury.

As stated in the - read me - that accompanies each folder if you need the .icns forms of some of these icons
get in touch with us, perhaps we could work something out.

*All Eye9 icons are thoroughly lab tested and are deemed safe by the FDA, AMA, DEA, IDEA, NASA, SEESAW, LSMFT


- Recta-Lenz -
It seems lately I have a thing for translucent icons. Well after all it is one of the beautiful things that
32 bit icons bring to the desktop so why not explore it.  Anyway, I was working on a Theme using
this shape for the widgets and I thought it would make a 'pretty much not to bad' icon so....
Have a Peek if your curious or just Dig in and get some.


 This set is for the "Change those Icons in the Dock" enthusiast's
 It contains some alternatives to the Terminal, iTunes, Quicktime, the Mail App., Finder... and a few
 more. Have a look at the Preview or live wild and Download


 A short set that we use around the desktop for storing current work projects. They don't fit any
 certain category, but we like them. If your curious, check the Preview or go for the Download


 To continue with the previous thought, we digress further into the world of the miscellaneous.
 We were cleaning out the hard drive and thought we would send these to you so don't miss out
 There are 8 in the Preview and if you hurry there will still be 8 in the Download


  A friend of ours wanted some transparent Explorer icons; we obliged.  He liked them and said
 "Hey man, you should let other's See these.  If you do I'm sure they will Want them."


 And to help you see those glassIEs better and to add to the clutter on your desktop without
 completely hiding the excellent pattern or terrific picture, we offer up these little gems.
 There are some earlier ones in here that are 32x and the more recent 128x; they're lovely.
 Take a Look and see if you like them or just go Grab up a handful.


 Wondering what's coming next? Drop back by soon and see.

oh yeah..... thanks.