If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk?

Well... miscellaneous could mean just about anything
but here at Eye9 for now it's a mix of Cube Wrappers,
Zip Disk Covers, and one lonely little Font for you to take home.
Eventhough the Cube has temporaraly
been put to rest, Cube Wrappers live on.
Hop on over to the Wrapper page and
grab up a Wrapper or two.  There is also
a template to guide you in making your own.
Click on the image to the left and your there.
If you come up with something you like, shoot
it on over to us, if we like it we'll display it.

Come on, admit it, you use Zip Disks and you have a lot of them don't you?  Do you make covers for them... you don't?
Then we will assume that they all have the same boring cover.
Click on the image to open up our jewel case of Zip Covers.
There are just a few for now but that will change.
Have any of your own?   Let's see'um.

Have you ever made a font/typeface? Well I hadn't...untill  now.  So I thought I would.  Let's see... where to start?
I know, my hand writing.  I know what that should look
like and it would be so easy to get material to work from.
Then dust off that old copy of what turns out to be a very
easy to use application; Fontographer.
Then learn all about kerning and leading and...and...Wow,
that wasn't hard, not... too hard.
So, here it is, Maynard Regular. I'm making available the
trimed down version with the characters you see.
Click on the image on the left and it's yours.

True Type