Tuesday 1-15-02
"Are you hungry?"
You should be, we left you without anything to follow your Christmas Eve Mercury Meal.
Click on over to the Haques Page and pick up a little after dinner MOSS Mint for OS 9.2
There will be an alternate version available at ResExcellence
(I don't know when... I hope they will make it available)
It's served without the MercuryLens reference for those who did not order MercuryLens (...and why not we ask?)
If you would like one garnished with a different OS version, get in touch, the Chef might be in a good mood.

You will need to have knowledge in the use of ResEdit to haque this into the appropriate resources.
If you are looking for the K-Scheme MercuryLens, just scroll down down a little further.

Monday 12-24-01
"And now here it is Christmas Eve"
So without anymore hype or fanfare here it is.
We hope you enjoy it and let us know if you experience any problems.
Click it and chow down.

If you are looking for a preview of MercuryLens, just scroll down further still...
Please note that "Le Merk" is just a nickname for MercuryLens; it seems to have caused some confusion.

Wednesday 12-19-01
"Have you worked up an appetite?"
Sorry for the fast, we where hit by a hungry group of a thousand that required immediate seating and serving.
We have succeeded in cleaning up their mess, clearing the tables, and we are back in the kitchen a'cookin'.
What are we cooking?
Why...a Christmas Eve Dish of "MercuryLens"  of course.
We're setting the table and serving it up this coming Monday 12-24-01
So set the Bone China, Baccarat Crystal, Revere Silver, and drop by Christmas Eve. 
There is nothing Christmas'y about this version except it's pre-release date.
We will send a heaping helping over to the great folks at Kaleidoscope sometime after Christmas...
perhaps New Year's Eve.
Sorry for all the hype, we're just having fun. There's nothing all that special about the Merc. it's just another one of the many thousands of K-Schemes that are out there.  Most schemes are far better and more interesting and useful than Merc. will ever be but we sure did have a good time making it and learned a lot about Human Interface Design and what works well in the GUI.  Sometimes our aesthetic took president over what would make a more useful interface, but heck, sometimes one must disregard the utilitarian needs and requirements of a ' thing ' and allow style and taste to be the guide to the manifestation or acquisition of things;  how they look or feel to us.

We have appreciated all the e-mail expressing your support, curiosity, and patience. You have all been wonderful.
That said, we hope you will enjoy it.
FYI - There have been some changes to the look of Merc. but we'll just let you find them as you use it.

John Montgomery wins the "Comment of the Month" for November and takes home a custom icon set.
- "Thanks John, that was better than Powdermilk Biscuits. We now have the strength to get up and do what needs to be done."  - Patrick-
Coming soon...the much awaited and probably forgotten MercuryLens K-2 Scheme for OS 8.5-9.2.1 !
Yes, you heard about it.... and you probably forgot about it too.   Well we didn't forget about it we just had a lot on our plates and not much time to chew it.  But chew it we have and we are about to spit it out.
So get your plates out and dig in deep with this pre-release teaser buffet.
- Damn, that's tasty! -
I know, I know you've seen it over on the Desktops page in the  Lrg. in action preview in OS 9 but you might not have known what you where seeing....yeah right, duhh... but the following dishes are a little more detailed and show some things here to for unseen by any living soul at any K&W Cafeteria.
If you came by for a bite last week and you left a bit hungry, put on your bib.  We now have all three courses for your pleasure; chow down.
First Course: Appetizers
These delicious little Hors d'oeuvres and many others like them grace the trays... I mean Folders on the MercuryLens table top.

Now don't be fooled by the large versions you see above.  We think that MercuryLens is cool but it won't satisfy your hunger for 128 pxl icons, those are served only to the First Class customers flying OS X but they do show the tantalizing and tasty nature of Merc's custom icons. For those of us back here in Coach, sections 8.5 - 9.2.1, we have to be content with the 32 bit examples*.

*Note: They have been packed with extra flavor so they taste just as good, perhaps even better!


"Stop Alert, Note Alert, Question...?"
Stay with me now, you know, the icons in the windows that appear when you have done something dumb like ordered the wrong wine to go with your Chicken Cordon Bleu or you give two folders the same name....
Oh...here's what we mean.

...and if the unique tidbit's presentations where not enough, we've added a distinctive red line around the plate.

Second Course: Entree
I know it seems odd to present you with the menu after the appetizer but we feel it's appropriate here
at Cafe Eye9.  Let us recommend tasting the shadow along the inner top and left edge of the asymmetrical
menu border...

...and take a seat by the windows; we think the view is nice...

Third Course: Dessert
Over the weekend the Chefs where hard at work blending and baking up some tantalizing little morsels to feast your eyes upon. As with all icons from Eye9 these are equally as delicious with a Classic Chateau S9 as they are with the new ChateauX.1

Any of these would make for a tasty treat.
You get them all and more with MercuryLens and your Big Mac is 'All the Way' ...Jalapeños too.


Heyyy....wait a minute...what's this doing here?  This isn't from a K-Scheme, this looks like a window from OS X.1.  Yeah, like a *LoginPanel or a BootPanel or something.  I wonder if the connoisseurs at Eye9 are planing on serving up a MercuryLens Appearance Theme for X.1?   They are baking a lot of 128x128 pxl icons; hmmmm....


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*Note: This is not an actual screenshot of the LoginPanel.  It is though the image we use at Eye9 for the BootPanel.pdf in OS X.1 with the restart, shutdown, and UsersPref.tiff added. We have it here for example and viewing pleasure.