Imagination encircles the world.

If you are not familiar with Cube Wrappers or you need a refresher course on making and using them
then click on over to the Original Article at ResExcellence and be a part of the enlightened.

The Studio Frame Wrapper is just that, a frame, a point of departure wide open for your creativity. It recreates the face of Apple's Studio Monitor and LCD flat panel displays. Open it in your favorite graphics editor and put your own images in, change the background, spice it up.
As stated, imagination encircles the world and it can encircle your Cube too.

This is an example of what one can do with the
Gallery Frame Wrapper. Put what ever you like
in the frames. Something like this or cool Bryce
images or photos of loved ones, anything you
can dream up works great in this frame.
If you like this one, click on the image and it will be snatched up from here and delivered fresh
to your desktop..

This example is the very first Wrapper we made
and it is of Borg. Seeing as they recognized, though many centuries after Apple, the importance, simplicity and perfection of the Cube design it seemed a logical point to begin with so... download and be assimilated. 

The Wrapper Template will give you the proper dimensions for the "Cube-o-Rama" and shows you the placement of the 'Apple' on the clear housing so you can work your design around it or incorporate it into your creation or even apply a drop shadow in your image as seen in our examples.  Click and be rewarded.



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