I never thought that others would take them so much more seriously then I did.

Grab up some of these, print, Xacto, hack-hack, stuff, whoa... you can recognize that Zip across the room.
We have started out with a few Zip Covers to see what will happen.
You like, we put up more. You no like, then they be no more; gone, nada, zip, outta here!
Wait... you say you have some already. Well stop holding out, let's see'um....perhaps we will... you know...
Just like it says. Put all those haques, mods, and scary System Folders that you don't want running around lose on your desktop or hard drives in here or all those 'weird' images you
don't want someone else to see!?
As usual, click on the image an it's yours but watch out,
It's Dangerous!

- it begins and ends here -
Do you keep copies of all those installers, updaters, and patches
that you don't want to go searching the net for and wait for the endless downloads, we do.  Well if you do too here is a fine cover to wrap around that disk and it will keep an eye on it for you too

"Not that Studio Gallery contraption again!"
Oh yes it is. Come on, admit it, you like it... don't you?
You don't?  Dang man, that really harshes our mellow.
Geez, you didn't have to be so hard or blatantly honest.
You could have softened the blow a little bit...oh great, now look
you have all our nine eyes watering, it's O.K. I guess....
we'll get over it, we forgive you. (...now download it, dammit!)

"Hey, that Zam Documents cover looks just like...."
Naw... no way man, it's just a trick of the light, your screen is a.....
yeah, yeah that's it, your screen needs recalibrating that's all.
Look at it, it says Documents and Zam i...it's completely different.
All right, all right it's 'very similar' but we like it and if you do...
you know..... click..... whirrr..... bada bing.

We at Eye9 are into Astronomy (not Astrology!) not that we have
anything against reading the stars and planets we just like to
'read about' them and gaze through telescopes. We think it's
great that humans have landed on and returned from the Moon
but when robots landed on and surveyed Mars we where stoked. So out of the lander's dust came this cover that houses some of
our Astronomical data. Download and have a little panni-view of
one of our sister planets. -note the cool rover center stage-



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