"It's about time there was something on this page."
Well we can't argue with that. There just hasn't been anything we really liked until now.
So let's start it off with this Mac OS Startup window, fondly called a MOSS in the Mac community.

There will be an alternate version available at ResExcellence  without the MercuryLens reference
(I don't know when... I hope they will make it available)
It's for those who do not have or use MercuryLens (...and why not we ask?)
If you would like one for a different OS version, get in touch, the Chef might be in a good mood.

*** Tuesday Night 10:30 pm EST USA Update ***
"Holly Shi... we gave you the wrong order!"
We are very sorry but we gave you a version of this MOSS that didn't have all the trimmings.
The one we had intended for you is a bit saucier. The ' Extensions Off ' resource pict is
supposed to be a little more... let's say... picanté. The one we brought to your table this morning
was intended for those who like their mints a bit more bland.
So, if you stopped by this morning (Tues. 1-15) before 10:30 pm EST USA and you would like
to get the correct version, then come and get it now... it's tastier.
Download the MercuryMOSS after dinner mint
Pop it into the correct resources and it will 'still' refresh your entire startup experience.

You will need to have knowledge in the use of ResEdit to haque this into the appropriate resources.

If you are looking for the K-Scheme MercuryLens, click on over to the Scheme & Theme page.

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