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This is the Original Eye9design
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Fresh from the Chef's oven!
Widggie Desktop
A heaping helping of Widgets is quite a mess without the right plate to serve them on.

Click on over to the desktop section and try the Chef's choice.
9-6-02  Dr. Erlenmeyer's Glassware Icons Teaser Set
is ready for sampling.
4-3-02  iPuddles available for pouring & pasting.
3-12-02  Folder Icon for the
MercuryLensX Icon Set added.
Just one little icon that does so much.
3-8-02  MercuryLensXIconsOver 100 glistening globules
to coat your Mac desktop.
MercuryLens update ver 1.1 will soon be making an appearance on the New And Updated Scheme page at
Nothing new here just 
the standard fare of your
Zips, Wrappers, & 'Font'
Although, 'Maynard',  the one font we have available, now utilizes 'curly' quotes and apostrophes.
If anyone out there has some Zip or Wrapper designs of their own, let us know we would like  to see them.
There's more going on than just a simple simian white washing of the cage at MacMonkies.
RAILhead Design
Maury McCown says:
MileageSaver 2.6.0 Released!
In case you are not familiar with this program, MileageSaver is very simple app that helps keep track of your miles travelled for income tax/accounting purposes.
-M McC-
Wednesday's List
Version 1.0.0 is out!
What it is:
Wednesday's List is a powerful application designed to help comic book collectors keep track of what comics are being released each week so that new releases aren?t accidentally missed. In short, it?s a comic book pull list creator and manager on steroids.
July 2, 2005

iDisking with the Tiger

Does anyone know where to find the complete answers or know what text to refer to on the subject of iDisk use with...

The Crouching Tiger Hidden .Mac

email us if you do :)

Well... we figured out what it was we wanted to know but we would still like to know what you think is the definitive text on .Mac'n with the Tiger.

He's Back!

You have got to be kidding me... the Chef is back in the kitchen?!

Well, actually no.

Now, now, don't get upset or mad or even all too glad about it, things are SN.

We just had to sweep the floors, dust off the old equipment and fire off a message to tell everyone about our visit over to CompUSA in Greensboro, NC.
Boy are we glad we did!

We met up with the Apple Solutions Consultant there, you all must know him, the devastatingly handsome, extraordinarily knowledgeable and man about town...
Mike Skultety

With Mike's terrific help, clear guidance and creative suggestions we decided on a new 15" Power Mac... and a new 20" iMac.


Thanks for all your help Mike, we will never shop anywhere else for our beloved Mac products, we know we are in good hands. We have been to most of the Apple Stores on the east coast and our experience with Mike was no less rewarding, informative and down right MacFun but it was a little more personal :)

If you are in Greensboro, NC at the Four Seasons Town Centre, run don't walk over to the CompUSA there for the best Solutions Consultant around...

Mike "da MacDaddy" Skultety

"We give Mike a full Nine Eye rating... and that's not easy to come by."

I have just one word for you today...

Shapeshifter 2.1.1

I'm not talking about Shapeshifter the old multitasking Macintosh-II emulator for the Amiga and DraCo computers that allowed you to run Macintosh software concurrently to Amiga applications without hardware add-ons or modifications.
I'm not referring to the "Oni" Shapeshifter cheat or the Cyber-Shamanic band Shapeshifter either.
I could be referring to one of the many great works provided by Electric Sheep Comics but I will leave that for another day.
I'm certainly not talking about ShapeShifter the content delivery system that is based on end-system multicast and erasure codes or lastly, any one of the numerous Wares, Sentience or other Supernatural beings though this too is an interesting field of study.

No, none of these things.

What I'm talking about is the kick-ass new update to the GUI Freaks arsenal, Shapeshifter 2.1.1. Its brought to us by the Shaolin Monks of the Makeover Martial Arts over at the Desktop Dojo of Unsanity. I'll leave it at that.

The ultimate Desktop Kung-Fu has just become mightier...

Shapeshifter 2.1.1

Way better than "Crane Style"

"Themeing for the Mac Masses!"

(Finally, a safe way to handle Mercury... hint, hint!)


It's Wednesday!

Well that dad-blaim ding-dang dog-gone Panther that has been running around loose has interfered with our Safari again!

It has clawed it's way into the color read/render sections of our favorite browser and has it renderering certain type of images in the wrong color. We would go in to the reasons but... blah, blah, blah nuff said for now. So some of the images for X 10.3 viewers (until the "Cat" is tamed) will appear darker than the page background.

"Back... Back... Back in your cage!"

It's Monday!
If you have been on vacation, let's say, to another planet then you probably don't know about the "Band New", coming to a desktop near you, absolutely most kickass App since Kaleidoscope...

- Konfabulator 2.0.1 -
For Mac and Windows

We Mac GUI freaks would certainly agree that Kaleidoscope was the greatest thing to come to Earth since the Mac. Well, Konfabulator is without question to theses nine eyes, the greatest thing to come to Earth and the Mac since Kaleidoscope. "You don't know, you haven't heard?" Well then let me say again...

- Konfabulator 2.0.1 -

"Hold on a minute there Patrick your talking about Kaleidoscope here, how in the name of everything that is cool, interesting, and... well, just plain knocks your socks off with GUI Shazaam ever compare with the fantastic work of Arlo Rose and Greg Landweber?"
How? Because this is brought to you by the Mac communities own Merlin of mirth, Dionysus of desktops, Prometheus and Pan of pixels; that man about town... Arlo Rose.
Be prepared to be absolutely blown away by what Arlo and his coding cohort Perry Clarke bring to us and what Konfabulator is capable of doing for you and the rest of the Mac world.

Eye9design has had the distinct pleasure and humble opportunity to be on the Beta team for this great product and we are more and more every day thoroughly astounded by the beauty, customizability, and functionality that Konfabulator is capable of. What is it, what is it capable of? Well as Arlo has so aptly put it...

"Whatever you want it to be."

Run, don't walk over to Arlo's Konfabulator site and find out all about it.

In celebration of the public release of Konfabulator, the Chef got busy in the kitchen and cooked up a brand new, specially made Desktop just to use with Konfabulator. He said there just wasn't anything out there ( yet :) that was suitable for the eye to go with the scrumptious palette that Konfabulator brings to our desktop table. So, before you leave drop on by the Desktop page and get a copy of Widggie Desktop. It's the proper plate for the full course meal of the mind that Arlo and Perry are bringing us.


Konfabulator:  You can use it on your Wintel Box too!

Konfabulator:  Whatever you want it to be... and more!


MercuryLens ver. 1.1 has been found!
Yes you read it correctly the silvery shimmering update to MercuryLens 1.0 has been tracked down and found to be in the hands of the New And Updated Schemes over at .
We didn't want to alarm anyone as it was thought to have been in the lab for final cleaning and purification when the lab blew up... we thought it was lost forever. Little did we know that while working with Dr. Erlenmeyer, Dr. Maynard had undertaken the great work and finished the final transmutation.  Upon completion he cleaned it, packed it up, and sent it to the NAUS but due to his illegible doctor-like handwriting it was delivered to the wrong address. We were notified of the error on Dec. 31 and we were asked what we would like to do so we just had it shipped to where we had intended it to be in the first place. We don't know when it will be posted but keep all nine eyes open for the final update over at Look in the Scheme Archive for New & Updated Schemes that's where MercuryLens 1.1 will be making an appearance with a tweak here and a tweak there and45 brand new icons to glob up your already glistening desktop.

MercuryLens:  It's a surface tension thing!


"We would be lying if we told you anything but the truth."
Dr. Erlenmeyer's Lab Exploded!

He is a brilliant scientist. His knowledge of alchemy, chemistry, physics, iconology,  schemeology, cosmology, celestial mechanics, and many other concentrations, to numerous to mention, is known worldwide.  Well... though his level of genius is legendary, so is his absentmindedness.  This is why he has so many assistants. They are kept busy cleaning up after him and walking with him (he hates cars)to and from his home and the lab to make sure he makes it.

- Flash Back -
It's the spring holidays and everyone is on vacation Dr. E, not thinking about the holiday, showed up at the lab early and now it is quite late and as usual he has become tired or perhaps sufficiently distracted so he's off to do something else. This is why the assistants are needed. They make sure the lab is closed up properly and everything is shut down. Not this day. What ever is boiling in that retort over that bunsen burner is just about to reach it's flash point... Phaaatooomb!
- Back to the Present -
Luckily no one was hurt and now the laboratory has been rebuilt and restocked with all new equipment; you should see it. All the weird and interesting glassware, gadgets, and contraptions. Some of it is the standard lab stuff but other things... quite frankly, we have never seen before.
So to mark this occasion we are making an icon set series displaying some of Dr. Erlenmeyer's new equipment. This first set is only a teaser set and will give you only the slightest hint, the point of departure of this sets future awe and majesty.

(Did he really say "awe and majesty"...? I think that's a bit over the top Patrick.)

O.K., maybe so, but they are looking kinda' interesting. We are using two of them for the Trash Empty-Trash Full right now. Don't let the first teaser set fool you. Sure they may look like just some more colored hollow glassware spheres but they are only the beginning, as said the point of departure.
Stop by the icon loading dock behind the Laboratory and have them toss this teaser set onto your desktop.

- How's your appetite ? -
Not a complete meal but a little something for your sweet tooth would be nice?
Well the folks from Panic and the Iconfactory have just the snack you are looking for... Candybar. We have given it a taste and it's quite good and think you should give it a try. Here's what the purveyors have to say about this confection:

"CandyBar is quite simply the easiest,
quickest and by far, the safest way
to customize the icons found in the toolbars
of the Mac OS X Finder.
But CandyBar doesn't stop there, oh no.
CandyBar also lets you customize folders,
clipping icons,locations and even the OS X Trash icon!"


To find out if this will satisfy your appetite just take a bite out of the bar above.
(Lufs like somevome alreay did. Et wa'vump me.)

- Thanks for stopping in. -
" You know... you have a very discerning eye."

digital rain
"The answer is out there. It's looking for you and it will find you if you want it to."

This is the Original Eye9design
" Bringing graphical marvels to the world since 1969! "
Accept no substitutes!

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